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Hansu Calibrated Plates Review

How It's Made: Hansu Calibrated Signature Weight Plates

"There plates are fantastic, they are great for powerlifting competitors and they are identical as you will see in the competitions. "

- Brad

"These calibrated plates are extremely accurate, they are all within 10grams of the stated weight."

- Danny

Just wanted to say how happy I am with the plates and a thank you for being so helpful throughout. When I move and get a larger space I'll be keen as to look into one of your combo racks now I have seen the quality. 

- Gav

Calibrated Plates Packages


Night Hawk Power Bar

NOW available


Iconic Deep Dish Plates

NOW available

Hansu Power Fitness Equipment

Hansu Power takes great pride in offering its exceptional quality powerlifting equipment to help our customers improve their overall fitness.

Attention to detail is our forte. To this end, it is our top priority to ensure each piece of our powerlifting equipment has been thoroughly inspected to meet our exacting quality control standards. No stone is left unturned during the manufacturing process, providing our customers with the assurance they receive the exceptional quality fitness machines they deserve.

HS Power proudly partners with athletes and champions to journey towards optimal health, strength, and fitness.

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