Hansu Classic Combo Rack

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Strictly following the IPF standard, Hansu's classic combo rack is uniquely designed and engineered for the significantly optimised bench/squat 2-in-1 experience, easy to adjust without any compromise on stability in delivering the identical experience as competitions. 


  • Sturdy wide-angle base
  • Two fully adjustable gauge steel uprights 
  • Laser-cut numbers for adjustment guidance 
  • Precisely machined pins used to set the upright height
  • Two-position uprights for squatting
    • Straight
    • Angled inward 5 degrees
  • A set of drop-in Safety Spotter Arms, removable for squat  
  • A removable Bench equipped with a competition Fat Pad and spotter decks.
  • Tightening knobs for a lock-in set-up and easy transform 
  • Quickly adjustable J-cups height with the lever arms to raise or lower the position for different athletes needs
Brand HS Power Fitness
Colour Black
Weight 160kg with packaging
Length 1760mm (with Bench)
Width 2120mm
Foot Print 1760*2120mm
Bench Dimension 1200*300*420mm
Squat Rack Height 880-1740mm, 33 settings
Bench Rack Height 730-1480mm, 33 settings
Spotter Arms Height 500-750mm, 11 settings
Height of each setting 20mm